Connecting Across the Planet

This fall some of the Planet Bean team hit the road to visit a few of our peers in the fair trade organic coffee business.

Equal Exchange Visit

Here Planet Bean CEO Byron Cunnigham, left, stands with Rob Everts, Co-CEO of Equal Exchange, a multi-million dollar fair trade coffee company in Boston that is a worker co‑op just like us! An important co‑operative principle is  co‑operation between co‑ops.

The Grand Father of Fair Trade Visits

Planet Bean was honoured with a visit by Father Francisco Van der Hoff, economist, coffee farmer and one of the key founders of the global fair trade movement. Francisco spent several days with us before giving a keynote speech at York University. CBC’s Rick Macinnes-Rae did a short interview with Francisco and it can be heard by going to and scrolling down to March 1 — “Crisis brews in Fair

John Brouwer, Planet Bean CFO, left, stands with Francisco in front of our Grange location.

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