SUMAC Cooperative Adopts a Resolution in support of Fair Trade

Sumac Community Worker Co-operative

Resolution in Support of Fair Trade

November 16, 2010

WHEREAS co-operatives are a fundamental part of the fair trade movement and the majority of fair trade producers are members of co-operatives and co-operatives provide a support network for small farmers who are amongst the poorest farmers on earth,

WHEREAS these co-operatives are democratically run, return profits to their members, provide technical training, and invest in local communities,

WHEREAS the overall principles of fair trade as defined by the Fair Trade Labelling Organization have much in common with the principles of co-operation,

WHEREAS the Sumac Community Worker Co-operative (SCWC) is a leader in the market development of fair trade certified products through its business divisions Planet Bean Coffee and Wearfair Cotton,

THEREFORE be it resolved that SCWC recognizes the natural affinity between the fair trade and co-operative movements and that SCWC strive to promote and support the advancement of fair trade in Canada through education, sales of fair trade products, fair trade procurement policies, overseas support of fair trade co-operatives and support for Canadian co-operatives involved in fair trade.

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